Vitruvian’s Trainer+ is an all-in-one home gym that actually lives up to its promises


Connected home gym gear probably reached its peak during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Peloton’s fortunes suggest interest is waning as people get back to using their gym memberships. Even so, the category still has plenty of potential, especially if the gear in question combines smarts with other key value propositions. A small footprint makes it easy to fit into any home. With Trainer+, Vitruvian delivers a comprehensive weight training experience at home while keeping things simple and compact.

The Basics

Vitruvian Trainer+ isn’t cheap. At $2,990, it costs around the same as six years of gym membership in the U.S. Vitruvian All Access is required to access advanced workout features, including guided sessions. After the first 12 months, which are free with the purchase of the machine, this fee is $39 per month.

There is a very steep hill to climb if the recurring subscription itself is more expensive than the average American pays for their gym membership each month. Vitruvian knows this since their website doesn’t make it easy to find that pricing. The FAQ question specifically asks how much membership costs. If you use the machine consistently and plan to continue using it, you can opt to pay a one-time fee of $990 for a subscription that lasts the lifetime of the machine. In addition, you can always choose not to use the subscription features. As long as you’re capable of charting your own workout path, you’ll still have a very capable piece of workout hardware.

The Trainer+ is a fantastic piece of kit that no doubt incurred high development and production costs. This is why Vitruvian is also charging a hefty recurring fee for it.

This platform has two clips that connect external accessories, including handles, a barbell, and ropes, to an active resistance mechanism. It measures around 46 by 20 inches and weighs only 80 pounds, so it can easily be tucked under a couch or table. In addition to the variety of workouts the Trainer+ offers, and the fact that it can provide up to 440 pounds of resistance, it is impressive that it comes in such a compact package.

steep and cheap

With a QR code on the machine, the Trainer+ is super easy to set up and pair with your smartphone. During a structured workout, the clipping system it uses to connect handles and other accessories is incredibly useful.

The resistance is controlled by the app, and every time you start a workout, the machine requires three setup reps to establish your proper range of motion. In reality, there are three possible modes for each exercise, including one that adds 1 kg (2.2 lbs) with each clean rep, one that decreases weight over time, and one that remains the same weight for the entire workout.


The Trainer+’s design isn’t flashy at first glance. Its biggest feature is its customizable LED lighting, which also offers some helpful visual cues as to whether you’re performing reps correctly. Otherwise, it looks like an overgrown Wii Balance board if you’re old enough to remember that, or basically just an elevated stand. The Trainer+’s top surface is made from a carbon-fibre composite, which is fine to use on its own with training shoes, but you can also choose to get the extra soft, tacky mat that comes in either the Entry or Pro level accessory kit (the $500 Pro kit was included in my sample pack).

The train weighs 80 pounds and comes in one preassembled piece. In comparison with other home equipment, setup is a breeze. Having someone help you move it, say, up and down stairs, would be helpful. When you tip one up, the wheels on the underside come into contact with the ground and allow you to move it around your space. When stored under a couch or desk, it is easy to slide across floors.

The Trainer+’s versatility lies in its two recessed “Quick Connection System” receptors, which are permanently connected to retractable cables that tie into the device’s programmable active resistance system. Quick connectors make it easy to attach the included ankle straps and handles. It is easy to change between exercises thanks to the simple collar push mechanism that won’t come loose in use. Trainer+’s predecessor used a cumbersome carabiner system, but this is a much more intuitive solution.

Additionally, Trainer+’s overall cost of ownership increases with its various attachments. The ‘Basic’ kit includes a long bar, a tricep rope, “premium” handles, as well as the aforementioned workout mat and safety cabinet. The ‘Pro’ kit, which I tested the Trainer+ with, includes a short bar, a belt, and even a bench. Without any of these things, you can accomplish a lot with the Trainer+. If you add them, the experience is greatly enhanced – especially the bench and bar – and you cannot buy them separately.

Trainer+ works with a dedicated Vitruvian app, which connects via Bluetooth to the machine. The good thing about the expensive All-Access membership is that it’s tied to the machine, not the individual – so anyone in your household (or even visitors) can create their own profile in the app on their own phone and pair with your machine to access all training options and guided workouts. You can follow multi-week programs, take trainer-led classes, and even combine individual exercises into your own custom workouts if you’re a subscriber. My gym Apple TV worked flawlessly with the app’s guided videos as well.

home gym


If you’ve never worked out with an active resistance machine before, the Trainer+ will likely feel different: it’s not like all-in-one cable and weight equipment, or free weights. It only takes a couple of sessions before using the Trainer+ becomes second nature, to Vitruvian’s credit.

Vitruvian’s app has everything you need to maximize your trainer’s potential. If you’re just beginning or have experience with personal fitness and are looking for something to add to or supplement your routine, we’ve got you covered. Basically, you can be guided or self-directed as you wish.

Make real-time adjustments to your workout based on your strength and performance level. Initially, the app will ask for a strength assessment. In this way, a baseline can be established and workouts can be suggested. Whenever you progress with your training, you can change that calibration at any time, which is useful to do every few weeks.

Over the course of a month of testing, the Trahasrhasad has proven to be extremely consistent. As soon as you’re done working out, just let the handles or attachments drop and the machine will retract. The hardware is retractable, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the carbon composite material. The clips come in and out easily, and the platform is easy to wipe down with simple soap and water when needed. Once you toggle that it automatically sleeps, the connection is solid and your phone is remembered. Therefore, you can leave it plugged in all the time if you like.

One issue I found with the machine: The power cable seems to sit rather lightly in the socket on the machine, and until I learned how to steer well clear of it, it was relatively easy to cut the power to the cable itself. That hasn’t Since identifying it as a problem and contacting them, that hasn’t been an issue.’Witcord.This was included intentionally as a kind of safety backup, but I’d appreciate a more snug fit between the cable and the machine.

Bottom line

If you take your work seriously enough to customize your experience, the Trainer+ is unquestionably superior to something like Peloton.

Vitruvian’s offering is, however, most notable for its price: The Pro kit, which I recommend, already costs $3,500, and that’s before you factor in the ongoing subscription fee. It takes a decent amount of internship and some personal training, according to Thais.

The Trainer+, however, comes with a number of features that can’t be found anywhere else. This inget anywhere else.ution works in just about any home or condo setting. It can also be easily packed into a car for a road trip or even into #vanlife if that’s what you’re into. Additionally, it is much more versatile than other similar active resistance products, such as Tonal.

A Trainer+ is an excellent choice if you want flexibility with almost no sacrifices compared to a full set of free weights. This is compared to a much larger home tower or complete gym. It’s clearly well-engineered and designed, with a focus on delivering value to actual athletes and fitness buffs who can be notoriously difficult to please, yet it’s also a convenient place for people to start their exercise journeys – provided they’re willing to pay upfront.

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